Packaging Policy

At Cotswold Trading we understand that the packaging we use for our online orders has an impact on the environment. We are therefore committed to sourcing and using as much eco-friendly packaging as possible and re-using third party packaging products where appropriate.

Outer Boxes/Envelopes: The cardboard boxes we use are recyclable so please treat them as you would your other cardboard waste.

Crumpled Paper: The paper we use to fill out space in boxes is recycled kraft paper; it is recyclable and therefore you can re-use or recycle it accordingly.

Bubble Wrap & Plastic Air Pockets: The plastic bubble wrap we use to protect items during transit is recycled from incoming packages into our warehouse. This plastic packaging can be further re-used or it can be recycled by some council recycling waste programmes.

Your parcel will contain all or some of the above which all play a part in achieving our aim to make our packaging as environmentally friendly as possible whilst ensuring you receive your parcel safely and securely.